Business leaders want to avoid surprises and have a demonstrable underlying confidence in the operations of their businesses. With ever more complex operational and group structures and greater diversity across departments, sites, systems, companies or countries it can be harder for you to get the quick insight or assurance you need.

We are here to help. 

With a proven track record in PE backed and privately owned businesses with diverse operations, often across the globe and often highly dynamic with restructuring, acquisition and disposal activities recently completed, planned, or in flight, we have experience across most aspects of your business gained from multiple business sectors.

The services are cost effective and flexible; ranging from single day assignments through to long term interim support. Rather than introducing overhead into your business we can quickly work with you to identify the key focus areas and agree a suitable scheme of work – all at a fraction of the cost of the big consulting firms. Often our work will identify cost savings, efficiencies or cost avoidance that more than pay back the cost of the services.

Tailwind Consulting specialises in helping bring you greater confidence through targeted and personalised reviews of key areas and activities.

Working closely with you, and acting as your eyes and ears on the ground, we quickly gain the confidence of senior teams and can dip in and out of activities throughout your business to rapidly give you the insight you require with the minimum of fuss. 

We then help to develop action plans and strengthen working practices as required. 


“Martin has worked closely with me and the management team over the past couple of years and provided significant insight and assistance – often acting as our eyes and ears on the ground. During a period of significant change for the business, with many competing priorities, I sleep much easier knowing that Martin has had a first-hand look at all our sites across the globe and we have a much clearer picture of all the major weaknesses that we need to address. Through his inherent understanding of the challenges facing business such as ours and his pragmatic, flexible approach he has been able to give me and the management team the insight and ongoing support we needed to make significant improvements across the business allowing us to remain focused upon the bigger picture. Martin is a trusted advisor whose counsel and assurance is highly valued."

Trevor J – CFO, $250m Global manufacturing & retail business

“I have worked with Martin both when he was part of our business and subsequently as a consultant when he set up his new business.   He has provided risk, assurance and advisory services to our business across all our European operations. I very much value the insight and counsel that Martin brings and his ability to quickly interpret complex situations and identify the core areas of weakness or opportunity that we should focus upon. He works closely and effectively with senior leadership, and understands the challenges and priorities of the business and tailors his work accordingly so that we focus our efforts where needed."


Andy H – Corporate Finance Director, £100m European business Information business

"Martin is a highly commercial and professional risk leader. Always willing to challenge and look at situations from a different angle, working closely with the purchasing team he has helped to further explore the risks and challenges, and develop ways of working that allow us to achieve our commercial goals whilst maintaining strong governance. With a refreshing approach to risk and control, Martin became a trusted counsel and will be a great asset to any organisation." 

Stuart S - UK Procurement Director, £2bn Foodservices business

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  • Financial Control
  • IT System Implementation
  • Operational Governance
  • Process Improvement
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Health Check
  • Operational Health Check
  • Project Governance
  • Project Assurance
  • Post Implementation Review
  • Working Capital Management
  • Procurement
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Royalty Recognition
  • Due Diligence
  • Pre Sale Readiness
  • Post Acquisition Review
  • Organisational Alignment
  • Legal Compliance
  • Fraud Risk Assessment
  • Investigations

  • Business Continuity
  • Outsourced Operations
  • 3rd Party Relationship
  • Contract & Service Agreement Compliance
  • Policies & Standards
  • Site Inspections
  • Commercial Governance


Martin Churm CMIIA SIRM - Managing Director

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